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The curriculum used at the day care academy will be based on the PA early

learning standards. The academy will follow weekly themes corresponding

to seasons, holidays and class interest.

Freshmen and Sophomores
Age 3 to 5


With this young age group, the three main focus areas are:

  • social-emotional

  • physical development

  • and language development

Social-emotional development is crucial in the first three years of life.

With the loving care from our staff, the children learn to trust their caregivers  

and know that their basic needs will be met. With the appropriate activities, the children will learn about themselves through their own body movements and senses. As for physical development, children will be provided with the proper environment and tools to aid their physical development in mastering the milestones when the individual child is ready.

At this early age, some children are not able to verbally articulate their needs. We will introduce basic Sign Language words: mommy, daddy, more, eat, etc. This will give your child the ability to communicate to us!

Juniors and Seniors
Ages 6 to 9

Will be introduced to curriculum created by Hatch Early Learning and Teaching Strategies.
The HatchSyn Powered by Gold® is an easy way to capture data through the results of a child's
independent play. It is an innovative assessment tool that will allow our staff to create
individualized plans for your child.

The educational, interactive features of iStartSmart ® Elite provides an opportunity for English
Language Learners (ELL) to acquire English kindergarten readiness skills while maintaining
and developing their first language of Spanish.

Researched based software introduces children to language skills, literacy skills and math
skills based on the National Early Literacy Panel and National Research Council Math Reports. The platform is a scaffolded systemic manner.

  • Children develop 22 core math and literacy skills essential for success in Kindergarten.

  • Progress information is captured and monitored in real-time through the Hatch Report Management System (RMS).

Enroll today and "help your child step into a brighter future"!


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Watch as a three year old Leo, makes the letter "B".

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